Turn your Fat into Fit with Slimmer Kit. No More worries for Weight Loss

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F to F India offers an exclusive range of products, which are the best medicines for weight loss. Now get your lost confidence back by getting an amazingly toned body in just a few days.

Yes, in just a few days, you will be able to resolve your weight issues and can easily get your body in perfect shape with our fast weight loss medicines.


F-Slimmer      –     Morning

F-Livo Boost  –      Noon

F-Digo Clean –      Night

(With Luke Warm Water)

Key Elements

  • The Kit includes F-Digo Clean, F-Livo Boost, F-Slimmer
  • Made up of 100% Ayurvedic preparation which includes rare herbs


  • It includes Digo clean that helps in improving digestive system
  • Livo Boost that promotes Liver health and functions.
  • F- Slimmer helps to induce body heat and speeds up metabolism

We know many people are struggling for a long time to reduce body fat, and they must have tried many supplements for weight loss, but the result is a big zero. And even some of them are suffering from serious side effects from these supplements,

What are you up to guys?

“Don’t mess your body like this only because of some fake assurances.”

F to F India has launched the slimmer kit which is having the best ayurvedic herbs for weight loss, which helps in transforming you from fat to fit. Don’t worry, we are giving the proper product description below so that you can be fully sure about the herbs which are used to make this amazing product.

And do you know what the best part of using this slimmer kit is?

Its 100% side effect free! And our fat loss medicine is the result of pure Ayurveda. So here the benefits you will receive from our slimmer kit are permanent, for the whole life. Isn’t it exciting?

We know that you all are curious to know, that how this fast weight loss medicine works,

Our slimmer kit will transform your body from fat to fit and will let your body nourished in a short period of time and the results would be permanent.

If we talk about the key elements, this slimmer kit includes F-digo clean, F-livo Boost and F-slimmer.

These all three products make a perfect combination of natural herbs which will make your dream come true by giving your body a breathtaking change. You will surely get to know the results after experiencing this best medicine for weight loss.

F- Digo clean, it cleanses your digestive system through the natural herbs, so that whatever you eat, your digestive system becomes more capable to easily break down the food into nutrients, so that your energy level can be enhanced.

Why we work on your digestive system especially, because the maximum of the diseases is the main cause of poor digestive system. That is why our slimmer kit contains F-digo clean which can help you out with this.


  • Your constipation and gastrointestinal disease will be healed.
  • Works on the anti aging process,
  • You get less prone to the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Enhance your immunity.
  • You will be able to put off your weight when your body gets proper nutrition.

Let’s talk about the ingredients which are used in our fat loss medicine –

Seena, nisoth, Harad, Mulatthi, Jethimadh, Amla, Baheeda

Our next product is F-livo boost, which is made to strengthen the overall functioning of your liver and to boost up your immune system, which directly affects your body fitness.


  • Detoxification of liver
  • Enhance your immune power, which in result gives a positive effect on your anti body producing cells.
  • Fastens the blood circulation from the liver.


Kalpanath, Roheda, bhuiamla, sarphonk, karva indrajau, bisakhpara and patol mool.

Our next major product is the F-slimmer, which increases your body heat, stamina and metabolism and also work on your body to manage your cholesterol level and blood sugar level.


  • Strengthen your digestive system.
  • Control the bad cholesterol in the body
  • Works as a detoxifier in your body
  • Prevent from heart diseases
  • Boost your overall energy


Arjun bark, kirayat, adrak, pipal, kali mirch, medohar gugglu

Do you know the best part of Ayurveda therapy? It heals your body permanently, so adapt this new positive change in your life with our fat loss medicine kit.

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