Organic Farming


Team F to F has a wide range of expertise in consultancy services with urban organic farming. If you have a farm house or a farmland that you want to use for growing your own food with best available organic products do give us a call today. Team F to F also helps you to get started with your own kitchen garden whether it’s a huge empty garden, a small backyard or a high rise balcony.



Agriculture in INDIA has taken the wrong road, and it isn’t working.
The nation is feeding its citizens an unhealthy food—and growing most of this food using unsustainable methods. The results? A population threatened by a crisis of diet-related chronic illness; millions of acres of damaged farmland; chemical runoff spilling into our waterways.Our food system, for all its vaunted productivity, is failing us.The good news is that we know how to fix our food system.Better Soil quality, Healthy soils are the foundation of the food system. Our soils are the basis for agriculture and the medium in which nearly all food-producing plants grow. Healthy soils produce healthy crops that in turn nourish people and animals. Indeed, soil quality is directly linked to food quality and quantity. Organic Farming, Organic agriculture is important for our health and the future of our world for many reasons. It’s needed to sustainably feed the world. It carries far fewer toxic pesticide residues, and is grown using no GMOs. It doesn’t poison farmworkers or the micro-organisms living in the soil that produce healthy, drought-resistant crops.